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Evolving Elder Care

Durham Tamil Association

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Our Mission

Helping Seniors in Durham Thrive

Our vision is to foster a community where seniors feel a sense of belonging and connection, supported by a team dedicated to cultural sensitivity to live comfortably. Come join us in creating a lasting impact and evolving elder care for a brighter, more compassionate future.

We assist our seniors (age 55+) who are vulnerable and with low income.  Our volunteer services support their independence and quality of life. In doing so, we help them remain in their own homes.

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Provided Services

Get the Help you Need to Stay Independent

We offer a range of services that you can apply for to suit your specific needs. 

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Friendly Visiting

Our Friendly Visiting in the Home service aims to tackle social isolation and improve seniors’ well-being. We arrange visit timings convenient for both the client and the volunteer, fostering regular companionship through scheduled face-to-face interactions.

During these visits, we engage in friendly conversations, shared hobbies, and skill-building activities. Our focus is on addressing social isolation and enhancing seniors’ well-being through meaningful interactions that may include conversations, hobbies, and assistance with technology.

Cancellation Policy:

Please inform our office if you are going to cancel the friendly visiting service, at least 24 hours in advance.

Volunteer Drop-Off​

We offer volunteer drop-off services, providing help with medical appointments, grocery deliveries, and one-on-one mall trips.

Our volunteers organize convenient drop-off times directly with you. We assist seniors in accessing essential services, such as driving them to medical appointments, grocery shopping, or running errands.

Cancellation Policy:

Please inform our office if you are going to cancel the volunteer drop-off service, at least 24 hours in advance.

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Meal Delivery

The meal service delivers hot, freshly prepared meals and ensures timely deliveries coordinated by volunteers, aiming to enhance the convenience and well-being of recipients in need of meal assistance.


In rare cases of severe weather, deliveries might be cancelled for our volunteers’ safety. We’ll notify you by phone if this occurs.

Cancellation Policy:

Please inform our office if you are going to cancel the meal delivery service, at least 48 hours in advance.


Our goal is to improve seniors’ mobility and ensure access to essential services. Our transportation services include driving seniors to medical appointments, facilitating drop-offs at religious services, groceries, mall trips, and other necessary errands.

We facilitate convenient and reliable non-emergency transportation services for seniors, ensuring travel to various local destinations. 

The Transportation services offered by the Durham Tamil Association are available for individuals facing limitations related to aging who cannot use public transportation and lack assistance from friends or family members. 

*Five (5) days’ notice is required when booking a ride

Cancellation Policy:

Please inform our office if you are going to cancel the transportation service, at least 24 hours in advance.

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Light Housekeeping

Our objective is to offer personalized light housekeeping assistance, specifically tailored to individual needs and focused on one room most frequently used by the care receiver.

Our services encompass tasks such as making beds, hanging clothes, and limited sweeping or vacuuming, along with light furniture dusting. Additionally, we provide valuable support by assisting caregivers with folding laundry.

We aim to alleviate household responsibilities and create a more comfortable living environment catered to your unique requirements

Cancellation Policy:

Please inform our office if you are going to cancel the lighthouse keeping service, at least 24 hours in advance. 

Submit your Feedback

We'd Love to Hear from You!

At Tamil Durham Association, we value the input of every client and their care partner. We recognize the importance of expressing compliments or raising concerns. You have the right to register your feedback through our form.

We firmly believe that feedback, whether positive or negative, serves as a valuable opportunity for our organization to learn, evolve, and consistently enhance the quality of services provided to our clients and their caregivers. Your insights contribute to our ongoing commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in service delivery.

Thriving Together

Connecting Seniors Through Vibrant Social Groups and Activities

At the Durham Tamil Association, we take pride in offering tailored classes designed specifically for seniors within our community. Our carefully curated classes are crafted to cater to the unique needs and interests of senior individuals. These classes cover a diverse range of subjects, fostering both mental stimulation and physical well-being.

From engaging educational sessions to recreational activities, we aim to create an inclusive and vibrant environment that promotes active learning and social interaction. Join us in our commitment to supporting the health, happiness, and continual growth of Durham Region’s seniors through our enriching classes

Our Roots

The History of the Durham Tamil Association

Established in 2000, the Durham Tamil Association (DTA) has been a stalwart non-profit organization dedicated to unifying Durham’s Tamil youths and adults in celebrating and preserving the richness of Tamil culture. Over the years, DTA has been the driving force behind numerous successful cultural, community, and sports events. Actively engaged in philanthropic endeavours, DTA has ardently supported charitable initiatives such as fundraisers for the local hospital and the organization of food/toy drives with the Durham Regional Police. Its members have been actively involved in various community organizations, receiving commendations in education and sports.

Looking ahead, DTA remains committed to fostering collaboration and participation in volunteer activities within the Durham region, emphasizing its unwavering dedication to community service and support. DTA has placed a significant emphasis on seniors’ welfare within the community. The association has implemented tailored programs and services to enhance the quality of life for seniors, recognizing their invaluable contributions. Through these dedicated efforts, DTA remains committed to ensuring the well-being and support of senior community members, showcasing its enduring commitment to serving all segments of the community.

For more information visit the Durham Tamil Association website.

Looking ahead

Our Vision & Mission

At DTA, our vision is centered on the well-being of low-income and vulnerable seniors in the Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario. We are dedicated to providing volunteer-based practical support services that directly reach into seniors’ homes across all eight municipalities. Our aspiration is to create a nurturing environment where seniors can comfortably age in place. Additionally, our vision includes empowering seniors by facilitating their access to crucial services offered by diverse local organizations, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive support system.

DTA’s mission revolves around delivering eligible practical support services tailored for low-income and vulnerable seniors, allowing them to age gracefully within their familiar surroundings. We are committed to expanding the reach of volunteer-based services, specifically designed to address the unique needs of seniors. Our primary goal is to enhance the overall well-being and support available to the seniors within our community.

Regional Resources

Regional Health and Support Organizations

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of regional organizations dedicated to senior health and care. Explore the links below to connect with regional organizations that share our commitment to enhancing the health and happiness of seniors in our community.

Durham Region

Alzheimer Society of Durham Region is a compassionate, non-profit organization dedicated to providing invaluable support and educational programs for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Alongside, we extend our assistance to their families and professional care partners.

Click here to visit Site.

Durham stands committed to offering a comprehensive spectrum of services tailored to individuals and families facing mental health challenges. Our services range from providing vital information and educational resources to offering case management, psychosocial rehabilitation, housing support, and primary healthcare guidance.

Click here to visit Site.

Central East LHIN Home & Community Care is dedicated to delivering essential healthcare services to individuals in the comfort of their homes, schools, or communities. We also provide valuable support and guidance for those exploring supported living programs or seeking information on long-term care options.

Click here to visit Site.

Distress Centre Durham operates a 24-hour helpline staffed by compassionate volunteers specially trained to provide crucial assistance to individuals in distress. Our helpline offers emotional support, crisis/suicide management, and community education, aiding individuals to cope during challenging times.

Click here to visit Site.

Durham Elder Abuse Network actively engages in the prevention of elder abuse within Durham Region. Through networking, information dissemination, and advocacy efforts, we strive to raise awareness and prevent actions or inactions that may cause harm to older individuals by those in positions of trust.

Click here to visit Site.

Durham Mental Health Services (DMHS) is a charitable agency committed to providing support and services to individuals and families dealing with mental health concerns. Our dedicated staff work collaboratively with clients, offering personalized and sensitive services to address their unique needs.

Click here to visit Site.

Durham Region Non-Profit Housing Corporation is a key provider of social housing, ensuring practical, well-maintained, and affordable housing solutions. We also offer related services aimed at supporting residents within our housing portfolio.

Click here to visit Site.

The Region of Durham Social Services Department extends its support to over 25,000 Durham Region residents. Our array of aid includes Long-Term Care & Services for Seniors, Business Affairs & Financial Management, Family Services, Housing Services, and Income & Employment Support, catering to diverse needs across our community.

Click here to visit Site.

The Region of Durham Social Services Department extends its support to over 25,000 Durham Region residents. Our array of aid includes Long-Term Care & Services for Seniors, Business Affairs & Financial Management, Family Services, Housing Services, and Income & Employment Support, catering to diverse needs across our community.  

Learn more about support programs here.

We are committed to delivering exceptional service by embracing innovative care methods. Our dedicated teams ensure the utmost quality of care within an ethical and compassionate environment for our clients. Through a supportive community of service providers, we aim to create a robust foundation for seniors in Durham Region, empowering them to enjoy an elevated quality of life 

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Surrounding Regions

A comprehensive and accessible tool providing information and referral details on senior health care programs, government benefits, financial assistance programs and social services.

Click here to check out the new guide now.

Stay active and use Clarington’s recreational services. Our parks, playgrounds, facilities and trails provide a place for the whole family to enjoy.

Click here to search for activities.

The City of Pickering has developed its first ever Age Friendly Community (AFC) Plan. Over 650 people participated in an extensive community consultation program launched in the Fall of 2018 which included two public open houses, seniors active living fair, public survey (online and in city facilities), focus group sessions with stakeholders (seniors service agencies, seniors associations/clubs, Pickering’s Seniors Council, AFC public steering committee, government/health agencies and City Council/Staff).

Click here to learn more.

Oshawa, a member of the Global Network for Age-Friendly Cities and Communities, values its 55+ community members. We strive to support older adults in leading active, secure lives while fully engaging in our community. Explore how Oshawa enables and encourages older adults to actively participate in our city.

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The recreational programs, classes, and clubs provided by the Township of Scugog’s recreation staff present numerous opportunities for adults and seniors to engage and stay active.

Click here to learn more.

Mental Health and Crisis Support Lines

  • Provides a free, confidential 24-hour helpline providing medical advice and general health information. Callers connect directly to a Registered Nurse. Service is available in 300+ languages.
  • Provides Information and support to the community on health related issues including: nutrition, mental health, senior support, etc. Callers connect directly to a public health nurse
  • Phone: 1-800-841-2729

211 is a free, confidential and available 24/7 (even on holidays) in 150+ languages service that connects individuals and families with the complete range of government, health, community and social services in their communities.

When you dial 2-1-1, the line is answered by certified Service Navigators who will help you navigate the complexities of the human services system quickly and easily.

211 can be accessed by:

24-Hour Addiction Support Lines

Emergency Housing/Services for Women & Children